How to Use Public Transportation Safely Without Losing Your Mind

Using public transportation is a great way to save some money and take a break from the everyday city traffic. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s all sunshine and rainbows in metros, subways or buses. There is a set of problems that you need to learn how to avoid using public transportation. We’ve prepared a simple and useful guide on how to use public transportation safely and without losing your mind. Read carefully and turn your trip into an enjoyable experience.

Always inform Yourself about Your Schedules and Routes

Although schedules are sometimes wrong and it’s impossible to follow them, try to inform yourself about your schedules and routes. However, if there’s no chance of doing it, you can always rely on apps like Google Maps and Embark to inform yourself where you’re actually going.

You might as well ask other passengers for information on where exactly are you going. Maybe you will get lucky and get information from someone who’s headed the same destination as you. Although the first part of your experience with public transportation might be a little complicated, the second half is easier. You just need to be more careful.

Secure Your Wallet, Mobile Phone/Laptop/Tablet and Always Keep Your Ticket Where You Can Easily Access It

You never know who you’re riding with in public transportation. That’s why we advise you to keep your wallet and any electronic device secured. As for the ticket, always keep it somewhere easily accessible to avoid possible concerns like dropping and losing something valuable from your purse or backpack.

Listen to music, read a book or play some game on your mobile

Depending on your sitting position, public transportation can be either a pleasant journey or something you have to adjust and endure. However, that doesn’t mean you need to have a horrible time while riding. You can always listen to music on your earphones, read a book or a magazine or maybe play a game on your mobile. This will not only keep you entertained but also help you hide from people you know but don’t want to communicate with.

If you’re into chatting with strangers more, keep in mind that not everyone is in the mood of talking. Always chose whom you start a conversation with and don’t get disappointed if you don’t get a reply sometimes. Try chatting with someone else on a natural way.

There are a few tested ways to avoid social interaction in public transportation without being rude

However, if you’re not into social interaction, you can always rely on your earphones and music. In order to avoid possible communication with strangers, these are the best-tested ways:

  • Avoid eye contact with people;
  • Look through the window;
  • Pretend you’re asleep;
  • When someone asks you something, keep your answers short and polite
  • If the bus, train, the subway is half-empty, always keep your bag or purse on the next sitting. That way you will avoid someone sitting next to you. However, if the bus, subway, train or whatever is it you’re taking is almost full, don’t be a jerk and let someone sit next to you.

Although public transportation has certain shortages, we hope that our tips will help you have a pleasant and enjoyable trip!